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Financing/ Leasing

Please note: New Tech Machinery does not provide in-house financing but the leasing companies listed below can assist with financing our equipment.
Please note that New Tech Machinery is not affiliated with any of these companies. Contact the companies directly for additional assistance by clicking the logos below.




Apex Capital

Crest Capital Section 179 Tax Deduction Calculator


Top Ten Reasons to Lease Equipment

  1. Leasing improves cash flow…Leasing provides 100% financing with no down payment.Leasing payments are a fraction of the total purchase price and can be a pre-tax expense.Lease payments can even be scheduled to coincide with a company’s seasonal cash flow.
  2. Leasing provides other credit sources…Unlike a capital expenditure, leasing keeps a company’s credit lines available to meet other needs.
  3. Leasing avoids risk of usage or technological obsolescence…It is common for a company’s usage of new equipment to evolve beyond the equipment’s capabilities.In the meantime, new technology continues to deliver higher quality and new capabilities.In both cases, leasing protects you by allowing upgrades and equipment add-ons. Leasing conserves operating capital…
  4. Leasing frees up a company’s working capital for investments or other business expenses.
  5. Leasing offers fixed-rate financing…Fixed payments improve a company’s ability to budget and forecast.
  6. Leasing allows choice of equipment…Companies can specify the equipment they need and the source – as if purchasing it directly.All normal manufacturers’ warranties are passed through to them.
  7. Leasing helps hedge against inflation…Low, fixed-rate pricing protects against inflation and allows current acquisition with tomorrow’s dollars.
  8. Leasing makes more equipment available…Because the monthly lease payment is a small portion of the total cost of the equipment, leasing allows a greater amount of equipment for a given dollar allocation.
  9. Leasing provides flexibility…Flexible end-of-lease options let a company purchase, refinance, upgrade or return the equipment.
  10. Leasing offers tax advantages…With operating leases, tax laws allow the deduction of lease payments as a business expense.Plus, there is no time wasted with depreciation schedules or Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) issues.
News & Events
  • EZ-Counter Computerized Length Controller NOW AVAILABLE!

    New Tech Machinery now offers a computerized Length Controller for the MACH II gutter machine. Can be retrofitted to existing machines. Separate Computer controller available for roof panel machines too!
  • NTM In the Metal Roofing Magazine Idea Book

    New Tech Machinery's Tapered Panel and Tapered Slitter Machines were recently used in a beautiful metal roofing project.
  • Third GutterArt™ Pattern Now Available!

    The third GutterArt™ pattern has been designed and named! It will be called “Stars & Stripes” and will join “Ashley” and “Aztec” as New Tech Machinery’s third GutterArt™ pattern.
  • New Tech Machinery Begins International Expansion

    New Tech Machinery is expanding into international markets to reach more clients in more places. More franchising opportunities will soon be available to international distributors


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