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TPM™ Tapered Panel Machine – Features

Uses Patented “Quick Change” SSQ, SSH or SSR Toolings to produce tapered standard panels, tapered male or female starter panels, standard double male/female leg panels, or narrow/wide standard panels. Saves time and labor by making production of these types of panels fast, easy, and accurate!

Standard Features:
• Polyurethane drive rollers
• Uses SSQ or SSH run out tables
• User-Friendly Pendant controller
• Welded tubular Steel Frame
• 110V, 60 Hz, 11 amp motor (optional 220V, 50 Hz, 5.5 amp motor)
• Industry’s Best Warranty

• Tapered standard panels
• Tapered starter panels, male & female
• Standard double panels, male & female
• Standard panels, narrow and wide

TPM™ Tapered Panel Machine – Specifications

Length – 13’ 3” (4.04m)
Width – 2’ 8 1/4″ (0.82m) (with entry guide retracted)
Width – 4’ 0” (1.22m) (with entry guide extended)
Height – 2’ 2 7/8” (0.69m)
Add 1’ 8 3/4″ (0.53m) for optional legs and casters
Passline Height – 1’ 5 1/2″ (0.44m
50 ft./min.(15m/min.)
Input Power
The Tapered Panel Machine input power can be ordered from the factory for either 110VAC/60Hz or 220VAC/50Hz. The machine can be changed from one power input to the other by changing out the electrical contact box as well as the motor.
Option 1: 110VAC/60Hz 11A
Option 2: 220VAC/50Hz 5.5A
Electric via chain, sprocket and gear using 6 polyurethane drive rollers and 6 polyurethane idle rollers.
Coil Width
8” to 33” (200mm to 840mm)
Materials Formed
Painted Steel – 30ga. to 22ga. (.3mm to .8mm)
Painted, Galvanized, Aluminized
Painted Aluminum – 019” to .040” (.5mm to 1.0mm)
Copper – 16 oz. to 20 oz. ¾ Hard (.5mm to .7mm)
Terne-Coat Stainless Steel – 26ga. (.5mm)

TPM™ Tapered Panel Machine – Profiles

T-Panel, SS100, SS150, SS450, SS450SL, SS200, and SS210A

TPM™ Tapered Panel Machine – Brochure

TPM Tapered Panel Machine Brochure. PDF



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