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This architect will only use metal roofing for his projects

New profile from New Tech Machinery tops South Carolina school


BLUFFTON, N.C. (April 20, 2015) – Architects learn a lot in 40 years. That knowledge proves very beneficial to their clients. “We will not design a school without a metal roof,” says Jimmy Hite, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, of Hite Associates in  Greenville, N.C. “We believe that a standing seam metal roof is the only real permanent solution for public school districts.”

A standing seam metal roof system, manufactured on site by Construction Metal Products of Statesville, N.C., and installed by Eastern Corporation of Youngsville, N.C., covers the New River Ridge Academy School in Bluffton, N.C. More than 177,000 square feet of Slate Gray metal roofing covers the school.

Mike Roux, sales manager at Construction Metal Products, says panel production started in-house in November 2014. “Some of the extremely long panels we ran at the job site,” he says. “Some were well over 70 feet long. We shipped some that long, but we decided to send the machine down there to run some panels.”

Construction Metal Panels has been running metal roofing panels for customers since 1994. This was one of the first projects to feature the SSQ275 New Lock Panel – a 2-inch high 17-1/2-inch wide panel. This new profile is able to meet the wind uplift requirements along the South Carolina coast because it is a snap-lock panel that can be mechanically seamed.

“It’s easy to install because it’s a snap-lock panel, installers like it,” Roux says. “Then you go back and seam it once. It’s not a double-lock, you don’t seam it twice, so that saves labor cost. It’s all about savings, savings, savings.”


Roux believes this profile will help set Construction Metal Products apart from its competition. Representatives from Construction Metal Products attend METALCON annually to find products and services that can set them apart from the competition. “There are so many sheep out there,” Roux says. “We’re looking for anything unique that will be beneficial to the end-user, beneficial to the installer and/or beneficial to the architect.”

Roux hopes to attend METALCON in Tampa, Fla., October 14-16, but he knows someone from Construction Metal Products will be there.


Construction Metal Products manufactures panels mostly for institutional, commercial and military projects. Roux thinks the SSQ275 New Lock Panel offers end-users and architects a panel that meets any and all wind uplift requirements and it helps the installer offer a more price-competitive metal roofing system because of the savings on labor.

More than 90 percent of the projects by Hite Associates are K-12 public schools. Metal offers green benefits – recyclability, reflectivity, emissivity – but for Hite, it’s all about the durability without problems. It’s a permanent roof.

“All that’s nice,” he says about metal’s environmentally friendly benefits, “but for an architect, the way to eliminate the most problems for school maintenance people and for

Hite also insists the roofs have an overhang ranging from 3-4 feet to extend the lives of the walls by keeping them dry, protecting them from weather.  school administrations is to give them the best roof. Standing seam metals roof have been around a lot longer than the different systems introduced in the last century and it’s still the best way to cover a building.”

About METALCON: For more information on exhibiting at METALCON International in Tampa, Fla., on October 14-16, 2015. For more information, visit



New Tech Machinery has just started a brand new referral incentive program.  The program will be open and available for all existing customers who refer a potential new customer to New Tech Machinery.  Incentives will be rewarded to those who result in a sale.  If the referral results in a sale; the customer will receive “New Tech bucks,” which can be applied towards future purchases from New Tech Machinery.   New Tech Machinery has always been appreciative of our customers and the wonderful word of mouth advertising we receive and would like to reward our customers.  New Tech Machinery manufactures the world’s finest roof panel and gutter machines and offers the best customer service in the industry.  Earn $100 New Tech Bucks for a gutter machine referral that ends in a sale and $250 New Tech Bucks for a panel machine that ends in a sale.

Please note, this offer is not valid to New Tech Machinery distributors or re-sellers.   



The Idea Book- Metal Roofing Magazine

Residential Home; Dallas, Texas

Project:  Residence
Dallas, Texas

Machine Manufacturer:
New Tech Machinery

Denver, CO
SSH roof panel machine
TSM Tapered Slitter Machine
TPM Tapered Panel Machine

16,000 square feet of material
2 months and 5 man crew

Machine Distributor:
Karr’s Building Supply

Houston, TX

Fabricator/ Panel Manufacturer:
Mark Ruelas

North Texas Metal Roofing
Arlington, TX

Installer/ Roofing Contractor:
Phil Miller

Metal Master Roofing and Construction
Arlington, TX

Standing seam in “Copper Brown”

Project Details:

If everything really is bigger in Texas, then this house fits!
This personal residence, owned by an artist, is a work of art itself.  After the roof sustained hail damage the owners were looking for a stylish and cost-effective replacement.  It took a few weeks but the owners opted for a deep color brown material for their new roof.  The unique S-shape of the roof and the need for tapered panels made this a specialty job. 

To understand the complexities of this project, it took two workers more than a week just to install the fascia and eave trim.  It was installed in 16” pieces and each one overlapped 1”. Every section of the roof was a different length so there were difficulties in calculating the amount of taper that each panel would require in order to provide a symmetrical look.

The original roof had taken 8 months to install and the reroofing project took two months using a 5 man crew.  The New Tech Tapered Panel and Tapered Slitter machine and SSQ roof panel machine.  The contractor experienced drastic time savings by utilizing NTM’s taper slitter and taper panel machines.   


New Tech Machinery, home of the world’s finest portable rollforming
equipment, offers high quality portable onsite and in-plant equipment for
use in residential, industrial and commercial applications worldwide

SSQ Roof Panel Machine

The best-selling, award-winning,15 profile SSQ roof panel machine is
the most versatile machine, ever! The SSQ offers a quick change tooling
system that allows the most accurate changeover in 45 minutes or less with 1
wrench and no tape measure required! Armed with the best warranty in the
business, the SSQ roof panel machine

is the preferred choice for contractors
FWQ Flush Wall/ Soffit/ Underdeck Profile

The newest profile for the SSQ roof panel machine is
the FWQ Flush wall/ soffit/underdeck panel in 1” and
1½” configurations. Now users can run this unique
profile on their existing machine and forget the cost of a dedicated machine!
This profile offers an easily adjustable reveal from 0” to 3” and can be
produced with up to 22 gauge steel and it also accommodates Hot Melt
Technologies sealant system. It can be run with or without perforation.

SSP2SSQ Conversion 

Prior to releasing the SSQ in 2008, New Tech Machinery offered
the SSP roof panel machine (the first one ever sold is still in operation
today!) Now, SSP owners can keep their machine and still convert their
SSP roof panel machine to SSQ tooling
and cut the time it takes to change over
the machine which will save labor costs!
Upgrading is done at the NTM Denver
plant usually in two weeks or less! An
SSP2SSQ conversion will allow users to
run the new FWQ profile as well.


Just Released: the EZ-Counter computerized length controller for
MACH II gutter machines and the SSR roof panel machine!
Users can pre-program up to 50 lengths in feet, inches or centimeters.
The EZ-Counter features security options and a material tracker
to easily tally up length at the completion of a job. An optional miter setting is
available for gutter machines. The EZ-Counter operates as
a touch-screen, comes with a protective carry case and offers customizable
mounting on new and existing machines


Tapered Panels: Overcoming Challenges for a Successful Project

By Phil Miller, Metal Master Roofing and Construction
I was first introduced to the Snyders by their insurance adjuster. The Snyders had an unusual copper roof on their house that the adjuster had never seen before and since I had consulted on several other metal roofs for him in the past, he asked me to go look at the roof and put a quote together for him so he would know how much to pay for the roof. I made arrangements to look at the roof, and it had a copper flat panel. This particular one was hand built interlocking pieces about 3 feet x 3 feet. Because the roof is shaped like the letter S, every piece had to be tapered. They told me it took the original roofers eight months to install the roof. The roof measured about 16,000 square feet and was going to cost about $330,000.00 to replace if we went back with copper. Because of the value of the home, their deductible was higher than the cost of the roof so they would not have received any money from their insurance company. They had filed a claim because of hail damage. 

When they found out that they would have to write a check for the cost of the roof, they asked if there was an alternative to the copper. I suggested that they use steel to match the color of weathered copper and consider standing seam instead of the flat panel design. Because of the design of the house, every panel would have to be tapered. Because every section of the roof was longer than 10 feet, in the past, that would involve making multiple panels to span from eave to ridge. Because we had invested in New Tech’s tapered panel equipment, we were able to offer the ability to fabricate continuous panels from eave to ridge. The other contractors that were asked to submit bids on the project were unable to provide continuous panels and therefore Metal Master Roofing was asked to replace the roof.

At this point, we spent several weeks submitting color samples to help the homeowners decide what would look best with the limestone exterior. Eventually they decided on “copper brown” and we began the process of removing the copper panels, repairing rotten plywood, and covering the deck with ice and water shield. Because the original roofers never sealed any of the interlocking pieces of the original roof, there was a lot of plywood damage. The pitch of the roof was only a 3/12 so sealing the seams should have been done.

Because most of my crew had never fabricated or installed tapered panels this long and had never used this type of equipment before, we spent the first day training the crew how to use New Tech’s slitter and tapering equipment. The equipment was easy to use and the crew was ready to start fabbing panels after only a few experimental panels. The most difficult part of the roof was calculating the amount of taper that each panel would have in order to have every panel the same size from first to last. Because every section of the roof was a different length, the math had to be done differently each time. 

The center portion of the roof was flat with multiple pitch roof sections tying into it. Because of the layout of the house, that portion of the roof was not visible from the ground so we decided, with the homeowner’s approval, to install an 80mil brown PVC membrane that matched the color of the standing seam on the center portion.

The original roof had electric power vents to ventilate the attic space, but we chose to use solar powered vents to save electricity.

Because of the curved shape of the house, all the fascia and eave trim was installed in 16” pieces. Each piece was overlapped one inch. Because of the number of pieces required and because each piece had to line up perfectly in order to appear to be continuous, it took two guys more than a week just to install the fascia cover and the eave trim. The gazebo used 12” pieces and took a day and a half to install the fascia. Because the gazebo was designed like a seashell, the panels started out longer and as they went around the perimeter, they got shorter. This presented a new challenge because each panel had to be the same width at the outside edge of the roof, but had to be a different width at the point where it met the center wall. The panels started at 10’6” in length and the last panel was only about 3’4” long.

The entire project took about two months using a five-man crew. Because of the equipment we purchased from New Tech, we were able to complete a one-of-a-kind project with very few problems and very little effort operating the equipment. Had we not purchased the equipment to build tapered panels, we would not have been able to complete such a unique roof with the look that the homeowner desired.

As a footnote, the initial panels were run from a New Tech SSH with only the female leg. The SSH belongs to Mark Ruelas at North Texas Metal Roofing who runs all our standing seam panels. MR


Finding a niche: a faltering economy led roofer to gutter opportunities

– By Mark Ward, Sr. –

Many roofing contractors have discovered that buying a machine and fabricating your own gutters is an elegant solution. “No building owner or general contractor wants to delay completion just for the gutters. Doing our own lets us control the schedule and costs,” said Dennis Jones, president and CEO of Airtight Construction Inc., Concord, Calif.

But while many roofers fabricate gutters for their own use, few have taken the next step and produced them for others. Jones did just that when in January he launched Elegant Gutters as a manufacturer and supplier of gutters and decorative accessories. Though Elegant has been in business less than a year, its products are already carried throughout California by several major building supply companies.

“And within 24 months, we expect our products will be picked up by all the building supply companies and carried in all the Western states,” he said. “At the same time, we’re also looking to make dealership opportunities available to contractors.”

Jones’s confidence in the future of Elegant Gutters — and his reason for launching the venture in the first place — is “due to the fact that we found a niche in the marketplace which wasn’t being filled.”

The recent recession is still wracking the Golden State economy and housing starts remain below 2007 levels.

“A lot of gutter supply companies closed their doors,” he said, “and decorative accessories became especially hard to find. Now that word is getting around and that builders know we’re taking up the slack, we’re growing fast.”

But to understand why Jones’s gutter venture comes at the right time and place — both for his market and for the core strengths of his own enterprises — requires some background.

Roofing runs deep in Jones’s family. His father and uncle entered the business in the 1950’s and a decade later moved their operations to California.

“I graduated from high school in 1979, decided college wasn’t for me, and asked about getting into the family business,” Jones said. “So my dad and uncle decided to split their company. My father formed Bob Jones & Sons so that I could come in with him.”

Over the next 20 years that company prospered and employed up to 150 staff and crew members. The senior Jones died in 1999 leaving son Dennis to take over the reins. But because the firm’s large size was becoming unwieldy, he decided in 2001 to sell.

“I had a deal all set up,” he recalled, “but it fell through at the last minute. So instead, I took the opportunity to reorganize, downsize, and get control of overhead and operations.”

In 2002 the reorganized company and became Airtight Construction.

“My dad would have sympathized with the move,” Jones said, “because he always said, ‘Big means big headaches.’” Also competing for his time was a sheet metal company Jones helped establish in 1997. Though partner Todd Gomez is — both then and now — president of the venture and oversees its daily operations, Jones’s silent participation still required his attention.

Over time, however, Jones’s decision to downsize and reorganize enabled him to control overhead and streamline operations. Brother Bobby Jones joined him for several years, left for another opportunity, and returned in 2010.

“By then, with Bobby’s help the company was positioned to grow again. Bobby handles the residential and small commercial side of the business, while I do the larger commercial projects and manage the company overall,” he said.

Today’s Airtight Construction is a wide-ranging enterprise whose projects include commercial, residential and multifamily roofing, gutter systems, waterproofing, deck coating and walkways, siding and stucco, sheet metal services, concrete, reconstruction and renovation and preventive maintenance. With seven full-time sales reps to drum up business and more than 20 crew members to perform the work, Airtight covers a territory from Fresno to Reno to the Oregon border. Projects run the gamut from bank branches and municipal buildings, to medical suites and homeowner associations.

Earlier this year, his wife LaRae entered the family business as vice president of marketing and advertising.

“I’d always just spent the money to advertise as needed, using the money for print ads and mailings,” Jones said. “But LaRae is putting our marketing program on a businesslike basis. We set up a budget based on a percentage of our annual sales, we’re tracking our spending and the results it brings in, and we’re shifting 95 percent of our marketing dollars to the Internet and social media.”

Also this year, Jones brought in another family member to help handle Airtight Construction’s fast-track growth. Depending on project volume and the seasons, the number of crew can expand as high as 40. Cousin Douglas Gunnels is now on board to manage the work as crew superintendent.

“We make the family dynamic work,” Jones said, “by giving each family member his or her own sphere of responsibility. Yet we also meet at least once a month to discuss the overall direction of the company. At the same time, the family atmosphere carries over to all employees. Kevin Lewis is a valued member of our leadership team as vice president of sales and operations.  And we’ve got crew members and office staff who’ve been with me for 20 years.”

With the company in growth mode, Jones sought ways to keep operations under control. In researching the possibility of bringing gutter work in-house, he connected with Denver-based New Tech Machinery and purchased a Mach II combination 5- and 6-inch gutter machine. When he added New Tech’s GutterArt dies for embossing troughs with decorative patterns, Jones discovered he had become the West Coast’s only contractor to offer the profiles.

The plunge into decorative gutters sparked more research, as Jones found that decorative accessories — from leader heads to rain chains — were difficult to source in California. Companies that had formerly supplied the accessories were no longer in business. From there, the next step was easy to imagine. While Airtight Construction could install gutters and accessories fabricated in its shops, a new venture might be launched to manufacture and supply the products. In January 2013 that venture became Elegant Gutters.

“Starting Elegant Gutters was just a great fit that leveraged the strengths of my other companies, both Airtight Construction and All Spec Sheet Metal,” Jones said. “It gives Elegant Gutters the ability to supply gutters of any material — aluminum, steel, copper, zinc; in any profile, whether k-style, half-round, or custom; and in any size, whether 5, 6, or 7 inches. And we complement that with a full line of accessories.”

Within months of launching Elegant Gutters, its products were picked up by Ace Hardware, Allied Building Products, and Roofing Supply Group. Each is now selling the Elegant Products brand to contractors and consumers. (Contractors can also buy direct from Elegant Gutters.)  Prospects are so good, Jones now has three full-time Elegant sales reps.

After less than a year, Elegant Gutters now accounts for about 10 percent of the revenue brought in by Jones’s various enterprises. Though that number may sound incidental, anyone in business knows that a 10 percent increase in the bottom line is substantial. “And we expect the numbers to grow every year,” he said.

Now in his early 50’s, Jones believes Elegant Gutters can help him achieve a personal goal. “Before I’m 60 I’d like to bring my employees into the ownership of our companies, turn the day-to-day operations over, and focus myself more on the big picture,” he said. With a boost from his gutter business, the pieces of that picture are falling into place. GO

– See more at: 

Featured in Dec/ Jan 2014 Gutter Opportunities/ Metal Roofing Magazine



New Tech Machinery Introduces New 1-1/2″ Flush Panel

Denver, CO – Following the success of its 1” Flush wall/ soffit/ underdeck panel profile (also known as FWQ profile), New Tech Machinery has announced the introduction of the new 1-1/2″ FWQ profile. 

The 1-1/2″ offers an easily adjustable reveal from 0” to 3” in half-inch increments. It can be produced with up to 22-gauge painted steel, painted aluminum or 16- to 20-ounce copper. The 1-1/2″ FWQ profile also accommodates the Hot Melt Sealant Technologies system. A non-powered perforator option is also available for soffit venting.

About New Tech Machinery

New Tech Machinery manufactures portable rollforming equipment. The company provides machinery to roofing contractors, gutter contractors and in-plant manufacturers worldwide. For more information call (800) 574-1717 or visit

See more at:

GutterArt Leaves Memorable Impression on GutterGlove from METALCON 2012

Though METALCON 2012 is a fond and distant memory now, New Tech Machinery is still reaping the benefits of it. Many people, like Robert Lenney from Gutterglove Inc. in California, were introduced to GutterArt for the first time.  Recently Lenney was interviewed in the Auburn Journal about proper gutter maintenance when he mentioned GutterArt™:

“It’s a different style. I’m really excited about it,” he said.  And down the road, he may offer a gutter art option. It’s an innovation  created by New Tech Machinery. “They (planned to release it) after the Metalcon Trade Show in Illinois (in early October),” he said in an email. “I inquired about it myself because I think this is pretty unique. Their feedback with other gutter contractors so far has been excellent.”He describes it as unique and on the cutting edge for gutters.“Instead of looking up at a flat gutter, it has designs embossed on the metal,” he said. “You have to buy their machine and the special art template.”

Pictured: New Tech Machinery’s booth at METALCON 2012; a crowd is starting to form while waiting for a GutterArt™ demo
Citation: Auburn Journal.  10/23/2012. “Put gutter maintenance at the top of your to-do list”

Pre-METALCON Greetings From Metal Roofing Magazine Article

In preparation for METALCON 2012 in Rosemont, Illinois the cover story in latest issue of Metal Roofing Magazine is devoted to connecting vendors and contractors.  New Tech Machinery was honored to receive two mentions from METALCON attendees including Andy Anderson from Interstate Panel in Hamilton, New Jersey and Lorin Miller from Miller Custom Exteriors in Fredericksburg, Ohio.

Andy Anderson
Interstate Panel, Hamilton, N.J.

“The main reason I attend is to participate in the Ultra Seam meetings that are scheduled for the two days preceding the show.  I am particularly interested in meeting with the New Tech people who will be introducing a new flush panel profile that will fit in their ‘Q’ series machines.  We will be exploring the New Tech tapered panel machine capabilities with the hope of expanding our business into fuel tank renovation.”

Lorin Miller
Miller Custom Exteriors, Fredericksburg, Ohio

Miller Custom Exteriors installs metal seamless siding, windows, doors and of course, metal roofing.  Lorin Miller says the bulk of the roofing work they do – probably 80% – is metal shake and slate facsimiles from Edco Products.  Miller also purchases coil from Sheffield Metals and has a couple local guys who run panels for his business.
“That’s why this year at METALCON we’ll be looking at different types of roll formers,” Miller says.  “We’re doing more and more standing seam and it’s very competitive.  I think we’re to the point we’d be better off to roll our own panels.”
Miller says he recently took some time out of a vacation to visit the headquarters of New Tech Machinery in Denver.  “I was really impressed with their operation,” he says. “They are on top of the manufacturing of their machines through the whole process.”

Article and Image Source: “METALCON It’s A ‘Must-Attend’ Show”.  Metal Roofing Magazine. October-November 2012.

Aloha! NTM Receives Praise From Happy Hawaiian SSQ User

It’s that time of year — temperatures and humidity are ready to soar to almost unbearable heights. Here are methods for dealing with it all

When you’re hot, you’re hot! (Thanks Jerry Reed!)

Installing metal roofing can be a dangerous job in the most pleasant conditions, but any extreme climate change adds to the health risk.

With the summer months approaching — and bringing in the hottest time of the year — we sought out some advice from those in the metal roofing industry about best practices for working in extreme heat. Most of the advice is common sense, but it comes with a twist that specifically applies to those installing metal roofing.

Metal Roofing Hawaii, Oahu, Hawaii
Richard Foust has been in the roofing business for a long time. For the last couple years, his Metal Roofing Hawaii has been manufacturing metal roofing and gutters for island installers. He operates a couple of New Tech Machinery SSQ roof panel roll formers as well as combo gutter and commercial gutter machines, also from New Tech.

Foust says temperatures rarely get above 90 degrees in Hawaii, but the climate range on the islands covers the gamut. When it is warm and the trade winds are calm, the combination of heat and humidity is intense. “That’s when it feels hotter than it is,” Foust says. “When the winds don’t blow, it gets real hot.”

As the state closest to the equator, sunlight is an issue for Hawaiian roofers.

“Depending on the product you’re working with, if it’s highly reflective you have to wear sunscreen on a sunny day,” Foust says. “Roofers wear the cooling scarves, hats, gloves, long sleeves. Bright roofs, copper and other light-colored roofs can cause bad sunburn just from the reflection.

“And, of course, the main thing is to keep hydrated.”

SOURCE: “How Hot Is Too Hot”  Austin, Jim.  Metal Roofing Magazine.  June-July 2012.


The Idea Book: NTM’s SSQ Machine Helps To Complete Historic Colorado Building              

May 2012  Metal Roofing Magazine “The Idea Book” Issue

PROJECT: Park office in Lathrop State Park; Walsenburg, CO
PRODUCT: Standing seam panels (8,000 square feet) manufactured onsite by an SSQ roll former machine from New Tech Machinery.
Material: 24-gauge steel
Finish: PVDF Champagne
Installer: Peak to Peak Roofing located in Denver, CO
Fabricator: U.S. Metals LLC located in Denver, CO

The building is visible from the highway that passes the park, Colorado’s first state park.  Drivers have stopped in just to inquire about the roof.  U.S. Metals have manufactured a number of roofs for residential applications in this rural part of Colorado based on feedback from park staff.  The architecture blends perfectly with the surrounding natural beauty in the “Spanish Peaks” area.  The setting sun makes the roof system radiate a soft glow.

Metal Roofing Magazine Profiles New Tech Machinery’s Top Machines For Metal of Honor Award

April 2012 Metal Roofing Magazine

 New Tech Machinery manufactures the most sought-after portable roll forming equipment in the industry, providing machinery to roofing contractors, gutter contractors and in-plant manufacturers worldwide. The current product line includes three standing seam roof panel machines, four seamless gutter machines, flushwall / soffit / under deck machine, 5V Crimp Roof Panel Machine, TPM (Tapered Panel Machine) and the TSM (Tapered Slitter Machine)


SSQ MultiPro™ Roof Panel Machine

Thirteen Profiles… One Machine.  The most advanced…accurate…user-friendly multi-profile roof panel machine ever. Change tooling in 45 minutes or LESS with one wrench and no tape measure.

MACH II™ 5″-6″ Combo Gutter Machines

The Mach II is the world’s finest K-style seamless gutter machine, period.  New Tech Machinery’s patented MACH II™ has taken the seamless gutter industry to a new level. The only way to compete in the gutter forming business is to own a MACH II.

TPM™ Tapered Panel Machine

Produces straight or tapered panels with Double-Male, Double-Female or Standard Male-Female panels. Able to go produce down to a 4” panel width (approx.) and able to use a maximum coil width of 33”. Easily produces fast and accurate tapered or straight panels. Maximum performance at a minimum cost when used with NTM’s SSQ, SSH, or SSR Roofing Machines and Tapered Slitting Machine.

TSM™ Tapered Slitting Machine
An economical, easy-to-use solution for slitting up to 20 ga. coil/sheets that is also compact and portable. Works great in tandem with our TPM (Tapered Panel Machine)! Maximum performance when used with NTM’s SSQ, SSH or SSR roofing machines and the NTM TPM Tapered Panel Machine. Portability allows for easy operation in the factory or on the jobsite.  This machine provides convenient, accurate and fast tapered cuts.

New Tech Machinery prides itself on its awareness of the needs of customers and a willingness to grow and adapt to meet those needs in the best and most efficient manner possible. NTM strives to ensure that every request will receive the same care and attention that has earned the company a national reputation for quality work.  Look for the feature in the April/ May issue of Metal Roofing Magazine.


New Tech Machinery’s Ron Schell has helped transform the roll-forming industry forever

October 2011 Metal Daily News

Ron Schell is a 30 year veteran of the roll-forming industry. Ron began his career in roll-forming in 1981 with Watertite Industries as a horizontal band saw operator; he worked his way from there to building machines from the ground up and within 3 years was promoted to Plant Manager. He designed and improved the Watertite line of gutter, elbow and downspout machines and developed the Waterhawk 5” gutter machine. He is best known for his design of the first urethane drive gutter machine in the industry, which allowed it to run all standard gutter materials, including 24 gauge steel, without adjustment. The machine was nicknamed the “Terminator” because Ron knew it would terminate the old technology making it obsolete.

In 1989, Ron cofounded Jobsite Tech and developed the first and only Belt Drive panel machine in the industry called the “1216 Panformer.” In 1991, Jobsite was sold to Bonds Custom Manufacturing and Ron worked there for about a year setting up operations, before starting a new position with New Tech Machinery.  With New Tech his first goal was to begin work on the resurrection of the “Terminator” known today as the “Mach II” and in March of 1994, the first Mach II Gutter Machine was delivered.

Ron’s incredible insight, innovation and hard work have indeed changed the portable gutter machine industry forever!  Bits of the “Mach II” technology can be seen in almost every portable gutter machine produced today. Since the introduction of the Mach II—New Tech Machinery, utilizing Ron’s roll-forming talent and knowledge has continued to push the envelope with our entire line of roll-forming equipment. “Roll-forming has been a part of my life for over 30 years and I still enjoy the challenges and rewards of being part of this industry.”

New Tech Machinery is the leading global manufacturer of portable roll-forming equipment–our mission is to provide quality-driven craftsmanship and an uncompromising commitment to outstanding customer service.

News & Events
  • EZ-Counter Computerized Length Controller NOW AVAILABLE!

    New Tech Machinery now offers a computerized Length Controller for the MACH II gutter machine. Can be retrofitted to existing machines. Separate Computer controller available for roof panel machines too!
  • NTM In the Metal Roofing Magazine Idea Book

    New Tech Machinery's Tapered Panel and Tapered Slitter Machines were recently used in a beautiful metal roofing project.
  • Third GutterArt™ Pattern Now Available!

    The third GutterArt™ pattern has been designed and named! It will be called “Stars & Stripes” and will join “Ashley” and “Aztec” as New Tech Machinery’s third GutterArt™ pattern.
  • New Tech Machinery Begins International Expansion

    New Tech Machinery is expanding into international markets to reach more clients in more places. More franchising opportunities will soon be available to international distributors


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