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EZ-Counter Computerized Length Controller 

New Tech Machinery announces the introduction of our EZ-Counter Computerized Length Controller now available for all MACH II gutter machines as well as the SSR Multipro Jr roof panel machine!  Interested in more information:

Developed in late 2013 by New Tech Machinery’s
engineering department, the EZ-Counter offers features such as:


•Easy touch-screen operation
• Protective carrying case- water, impact and dust resistant
• Programs up to 50 lengths
• Easily attached to existing machines
• Tracks material
• Security password settings
• Miter options for gutter machines
• Operate in feet and inches, inches or centimeters
• Calibration options for maximum accuracy
• Customizable mounting 


TRQ250 Trapezoid Panel Profile

BRAND NEW for New Tech Machinery- this panel profile fits into our SSQ roof panel machine!  Some benefits of this panel profile include: 2.5″ tall structural panel for low slope applications, fits in new and existing SSQ roof panel machines (runs up to 22 gauge steel), great for commercial and industrial projects, features anti-capillary legs.
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The SSQ275 New Lock Panel Program:

The BRAND NEW Proprietary Panel System that can be snap-locked and seamed!  We are very proud to announce our latest innovation, the SSQ NEW LOCK 275 PANEL PROGRAM!  We’ve partnered with our long-time trusted distributor, Texas-based Karrs Building Supply, in this new venture!  This panel program will include testing and licensing which can be passed on to end-users.  We also offer an Installation and Detail Manual for this panel program.
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GutterArt!  NEW PATTERN: Stars and Stripes!

New Tech Machinery offers 3 separate patterns for GutterArt
GutterArt is a NEW and unique embossing system made
for MACH II gutter machines in 5″ and 6″ configurations.

Now choose from: Ashley, Aztec or Stars and Stripes!
Or all 3!  Or make your own!  Ask us for more details


4 Button Wireless Remote Control
Newly released only from New Tech Machinery! Two button remote control for
MACH II Gutter Machines and the SSR MultiPro Jr. Four button control with
forward and reverse option for SSQ, SSH, BG7 and SSP. We can install it on all new
machines or add to existing machines in-plant or installed by end-user.  This allows
users to run out material from a distance quickly and easily.







1″ and 1 1/2″ Flush Wall/ Soffit/ Underdeck Profile  Now Available!

Following the success of the 1” Flush wall/ soffit/ underdeck panel profile (also known as FWQ profile)
New Tech Machinery is excited to announce that we now offer the 1 ½” FWQ  profile.
This profile is currently available and ready for purchase!

Contact Us about these new profiles!


Flush Wall/ Soffit Profile for SSQ

AVAILABLE NOW for the SSQ Roof Panel Machine! This unique new flush
wall profile is not available on any other portable rollforming machine.
It offers easily adjustable reveal from 0″ to 3″.  Runs up to 22 gauge.
Accommodates Hot Melt Technologies sealant system.

Coil Width: 
16″ to 26″ (380mm to 760mm) with no (0″) reveal
29″ [735mm] maximum on FWQ100 with 3″ reveal
30″ [762mm] maximum on FWQ150 with 3″ reveal

Panel Coverage: 
12″ to 22″ (300mm to 560mm) with no (0″) reveal
25″ [635mm] maximum with 3″ reveal

Materials Formed:
Painted Steel 30ga to 22ga (.3mm to .8mm)
Painted, Galvanized, Aluminized
Painted Aluminum .019″ to .040″ (.5mm to 1.0mm)
Copper 16oz to 20oz ¾ Hard (.5mm to .7mm)

Reveal Adjustments:  
0″; 0.5″, 1″, 1.5″, 2″; 2.5″; 3″
(0mm; 12.7mm; 25.4mm; 38.09mm; 50.8mm; 63.5mm; 76.19mm)

Click here to learn more about the SSQ!


 SSP to SSQ Conversion (SSP2SSQ)

New Tech Machinery introduced the SSQ 5 years ago as an updated and
advanced version of the SSP.  We now offer SSP to SSQ upgrades for machines
manufactured in 2000 or later.  Why should you upgrade?

  • Save Money
    Upgrade your existing machine instead of buying a whole new machine 
  • Save Time!
    An SSQ changeover takes 1 person, 45 minutes or less and 1 wrench 
  • More profile Options
    Run NTM’s NEW FWQ panel profile in 1″ and 1.5″ 
  • Quick Conversion
    We can convert it in 2 weeks or less! 
  • Provide Better Customer Service 
    Spend less time converting your machine and more time converting sales! 

Contact us  about upgrading your SSP today!



CRVO1 Panel Curver

CRV01 Panel Curver can curve either a 1″ or 1.5″ mechanical
lock panel. All machines come with a 1 year parts and labor
Warranty. SRT25/ 38 Seamer can also be purchased for seaming
the panels with a double lock.


SRT25 / 38 Panel Seamer
25/38 panels can bind both flat and curved mechanical.
All machines have a one year warranty on parts and labor


Machine Custom Color Covers

New Tech Machinery continues to offer custom coated vinyl covers to protect the
investment you made in your machine. Newly offered is a wide range of custom
cover colors including: royal blue, green, tan or red.  Call for more color options.

12 Volt Power Option
The MACH II Gutter Machines are available with an optional 12VDC motor.
With this option, the machine can be connected to a customer supplied deep cycle
12VDC battery.  The battery can then be recharged from the tow vehicle when transporting
from job to job.  Typically a machine with the 12VDC option can operate for up to a week
between charges.  This option also allows the use of customer supplied 12VDC solar panels
to recharge the battery.




Gutter Machine Cart

The MACH II gutter machine cart allows contractors or distributors to easily move
their machine within their shop/sales floor and puts the machine at a workable
height (32”) for maintenance/demo purposes.

Gutter Machine Riser
Offered as either 6″-8″ or 10″-12″.  Riser allows machine to be raised on deck/trailer to a more comfortable working height.




Quick Change Power Pack

New Tech Machinery is the only roll forming manufacturer in the world with equipment that can be powered with either gas or electric motors.  Change out only takes 10 minutes.Work on the jobsite or the factory with no worries.







News & Events
  • EZ-Counter Computerized Length Controller NOW AVAILABLE!

    New Tech Machinery now offers a computerized Length Controller for the MACH II gutter machine. Can be retrofitted to existing machines. Separate Computer controller available for roof panel machines too!
  • NTM In the Metal Roofing Magazine Idea Book

    New Tech Machinery's Tapered Panel and Tapered Slitter Machines were recently used in a beautiful metal roofing project.
  • Third GutterArt™ Pattern Now Available!

    The third GutterArt™ pattern has been designed and named! It will be called “Stars & Stripes” and will join “Ashley” and “Aztec” as New Tech Machinery’s third GutterArt™ pattern.
  • New Tech Machinery Begins International Expansion

    New Tech Machinery is expanding into international markets to reach more clients in more places. More franchising opportunities will soon be available to international distributors


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