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 EZ-Counter makes material tracking Easy!

Released at IRE 2014, New Tech Machinery announced the EZ-Counter.  It is a computerized, length controller for MACH II gutter machines and SSR roof panel machines.

It can be installed on new machines leaving the factory or retro-fitted in the field to existing machines.  It features material tracking, calibrations options, miter options (if applicable) and security features.  Available now!  Get yours today!

Rynni, also known as Royal Seamless, located in Poland joins New Tech Machinery to distribute products internationally.  New Tech Machinery is happy to welcome this new distributor and looks forward to nurturing the relationship in the future as a benefit to both companies.
The Elas Group in Ukraine recently joined the New Tech Machinery list of international distributors.  New Tech Machinery is featured on the Elas Group website exclusively.  NTM is proud to be partnered with the Elas Group as they bring a wealth of knowledge about the European markets.


Gutter LTD in the Russian Federation joins the list of international New Tech Machinery distributors.  In early September representatives from the company visited the New Tech Machinery facility to learn more about the machines and the sales techniques.


New Tech Machinery, the world’s finest portable rollforming equipment, really does travel to all ends of the Earth! To the left, a New Tech Machinery MACH II gutter machine is prepared for demonstration in France.  The owner of the machine, Straudo , is a longtime distributor for New Tech Machinery located in Lancon de Provence, France.  Merci Straudo! 


Next up on the list of distributor visits was Siding World.  New Tech Machinery visited the main office for Siding World located in Detroit, Michigan.  The company has 17 total branches throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.  The Detroit facility has MACH II machines in stock including the one they use for gutter production jobs.  Future plans between Siding World and NTM include: scheduled regional Adjustment Days, updating and sending marketing collateral and following up with each individual branch based on their specific local needs.


New Tech Machinery has started visiting some of our longtime distributors and first on the list was Rain Trade Corp. in Lake Bluff, Ill.  NTM flew out to meet them at their home office for conversation to further benefit both companies.  Future endeavors include a visit to the NTM facility for training and an adjustment day at the Rain Trade offices.

June 20-22 in 2013 were the days of the American Institute of Architects “Building Leaders” convention held at the Colorado Convention Center.  New Tech Machinery walked around the show to learn more about advances in the industry and how it can help architects out.

NTM Says, “Feliz Cinco de Mayo!”

Much more than just another party holiday, the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo celebrates the 1862 Battle of Puebla when the Mexican army defeated France in the Franco-Mexican War.  It has nothing to do with the Mexican Independence day (celebrated in September) but this is significant because the Mexican army was severely outnumbered.  Cinco de Mayo is often confused for the Mexican Independence day but that is actually in September. In present day, Cinco de Mayo is now celebrated in Mexico and America alike to honor the culture as a whole.  Traditions include food, parades, regional music and dance performances.  NTM celebrates with some Mexican cuisine


NTM Says, “Happy Administrative Professionals Week”

Every April, the people all over the world who answer phones, keep track of documents and bring order to companies are celebrated by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).  This year, April 21-27th is Administrative Professionals Week with April 24 2013, being recognized as Adminstrative Professionals Day/   Día de las Profesiones Administrativas.

New Tech Machinery honors its Administration Professionals as pictured to the left.


A little known but vital celebration in industrialized countries is Engineers Week, also known as E-Week, running from February 17-23rd.  The celebration was jump started by a coalition called the National Engineers Week Foundation a chapter of  the STEM education coalition (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

New Tech Machinery’s awesome progress and evolution within the rollforming industry can be attributed to the continued hard work of its engineers and they are an integral force who affects all aspects of day-to-day operations.

The purpose of Engineers Week is to reward and recognize the monumental advances within the field and its impact on society both from a professional level and also as a way to get younger generations interested in the field as a career choice.  According to a Washington Post article, Mexico is currently the top producer of Engineering graduates at 130,000 students annually.  According to the National Society of Professional Engineers there are approximately more than 2 million Engineers in the U.S practicing in a myriad of specific disciplines, all starting from Egyptian pyramid designer Imhotep in 2250 B.C.

Learn More about E-Week at:



Good things come in 3’s and it’s official: the third GutterArt™ pattern has been designed and named!  It will be called “Stars & Stripes” and will join “Ashley” and “Aztec” as New Tech Machinery’s third GutterArt™ pattern.  Click here to view ALL the GutterArt™ patterns.


When introducing a new product it can take time to see how it will do but so far New Tech Machinery isn’t having any issues with GutterArt™.  GutterArt™ is brand new and revolutionary embossing system and while it hasn’t yet ventured fully into public view, it has already earned New Tech Machinery some very positive reviews among gutter and roofing professionals.  With many contractors taking deep interest in adding GutterArt™ to their services it is a good estimate that this new embossing system will soon explode onto the market

The week after METALCON 2012, NTM attended another tradeshow: CIHAC EXPO 2012.  CIHAC was held in Mexico and is a show where major suppliers and buyers in the industry connect and further business relationships.  Unlike METALCON, the goal was to connect more with potential distributors and move forward with global expansion.



For those NTM clients looking for a snow guard for our FF100 1″ Fastener Flange profile, S-5! now has the answer.  S-5! is a leading attachment clamp manufacturer based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The new clamp, the S-5-N, will accomodate more nail strip profiles and will provide a tight, strong fit because the clamp will sit straighter on the seam.  Anyone with questions about this new technology can contact S-5! at  888-825-3432 or


Two NTM videos have reached 1000+ views.  First posted in May, 2012 the MACH II video has received 1,079 views and the video from the American Architectural Review has gained 1,008 views since being posted June 2011.  More videos are in the works. To view videos they can be accessed through the video gallery or at



New Tech Machinery is expanding into international markets to reach more clients in more places.  More franchising opportunities will soon be available to international distributors.  International marketing ventures so far have included: website updating and trade agreements.  Social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter has also received a steady stream of followers.  New Tech Machinery representatives plan to attend The Cihac Expo in Mexico City coming up in October 2012.


Onnentalo is officially on New Tech Machinery’s list of international distributors.  The Russian-based company has produced Russian language brochures and flyers featuring NTM Machines and products.  They are even planning on showing a video highlighting the MACH II Combo at a tradeshow later in May.

NEWS: 20th Annive

rsary Gutter Machine Winner Shayne Ray with All Around Roofing & Gutters was our BIG WINNER at METALCON. NTM celebrated our 20th anniversary by giving away a FREE MACH II – 6″ Gutter Machine valued at $6,355.00. Nicky Kautter with CLICK Models pulled the winning card from more than 500 entries. Shayne and his wife commented how much winning this machine meant to them, their family and to their roofing business.

Brian Partyka, President of Drexel Metals and Roger Geer, Chief Operating Officer of New Tech Machinery.


In 2011, New Tech Machinery celebrated our 20th anniversary with a delicious strawberry, chocolate filling and white cream frosting cake. The cake was served to both valued and potential customers during a give-away which included a gutter machine as well as NTM T-shirts and hats.



Huge crowds watch as Steve Levonyak of New Tech Machinery does a machine demo of our NEW TPM (Tapered Panel Machine) and TSM (Tapered Slitter Machine).


NTM’s new branding is unveiled at the METALCON International Trade Show.


“Please let everyone at New Tech know how excited we were to win the new gutter machine. This will mean so much for our business this winter. I am sure your company was excited also that a true gutter company had won the machine, also a company that had purchased a New Tech 6″ machine a year earlier. Thanks again for everything and hope you have another 20 years!”
Shayne and Susie Ray


News & Events
  • EZ-Counter Computerized Length Controller NOW AVAILABLE!

    New Tech Machinery now offers a computerized Length Controller for the MACH II gutter machine. Can be retrofitted to existing machines. Separate Computer controller available for roof panel machines too!
  • NTM In the Metal Roofing Magazine Idea Book

    New Tech Machinery's Tapered Panel and Tapered Slitter Machines were recently used in a beautiful metal roofing project.
  • Third GutterArt™ Pattern Now Available!

    The third GutterArt™ pattern has been designed and named! It will be called “Stars & Stripes” and will join “Ashley” and “Aztec” as New Tech Machinery’s third GutterArt™ pattern.
  • New Tech Machinery Begins International Expansion

    New Tech Machinery is expanding into international markets to reach more clients in more places. More franchising opportunities will soon be available to international distributors


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