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New Tech Machinery Publishes First E-Book on Portable Gutter Machines


This e-book is designed for anyone looking to learn more about the buying process and best practices for owning a portable gutter machine


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Published October 2020


roof or wall panel machine e-book Denver, CO – New Tech Machinery (NTM) recently published an e-book designed to help contractors understand what to expect when purchasing and owning their first portable gutter rollforming machine.


The in-depth e-book, “A Guide to Buying and Owning Your First Portable Gutter Machine” provides educational information for gutter contractors about choosing the best seamless gutter machine for their business, what they can expect when purchasing a machine, and the best practices for machine owners and operators to get the most out of their machine and keep it in top condition.


“Our website has a lot of different informative content on portable gutter machines, but we decided that if we could collect it into a single e-book, it could prove to be a valuable resource. With the release of our Portable Roof or Wall Panel E-Book, we realized that we needed the same resource for contractors or manufacturers looking to purchase a seamless gutter machine. This e-book is an engaging and easy-to-understand resource for those interested in learning about portable gutter machines and best practices of owning this type of rollformer,” says Clark Neft, Vice President of New Tech Machinery.


Other topics we cover in this e-book include the different types of seamless gutter machines, the cost of a portable gutter machine, the advantages and disadvantages of financing a machine for your new business, and what to know once you receive your machine.

New Tech Machinery provides a wide variety of resources including videos, downloadable content, and blog articles to help educate and inform gutter contractors and manufacturers about portable rollforming equipment. To download this e-book and learn more about portable gutter machines and rollforming equipment, visit www.newtechmachinery.com.



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New Tech Machinery (NTM) is a worldwide leading manufacturer of portable rollforming machines and equipment. Since 1991, New Tech Machinery’s seamless gutter machines and metal roof panel machines have revolutionized the metal construction industry by bringing versatile, easy-to-use rollforming products right to client’s job sites.


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