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Picking the Right Gutter Configuration for You

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Published July 2015

NTM Gutter Machine Configuration


Most K-style gutter machines come in a variety of configurations including: 5”, 6” or 5/6” combination configurations. For those new to the industry, this means that the finished gutter has a width of either 5” or 6” at the bottom. In the world of gutter contracting that inch can make a big difference.


First, dedicated gutter machines that produce either 5” or 6” gutter are only able to produce those sizes. These machines are best for the contractor who knows what is needed in his or her market and sees no variation.


To determine which gutter machine may be right for you, consider these factors: Both 5” and 6” machines can be used in residential areas, however the best choice will depend on rainfall amounts. 5” gutter are typically used in drier climates like Colorado. 6” gutter will be used in areas that see a lot of rain, such as Florida. Homes with a large square footage of roofing may also need 6” gutter to keep up with the needs of a big area. 6” gutter can also be used in light commercial applications. However, 7” box gutter may be the best option for commercial projects and New Tech Machinery also manufactures the BG7 7” Box Gutter Machine.


For contractors who want to offer a variety of gutter sizes, or may not know what they need the best option is a 5/6” combo configuration. While this option is slightly more costly the contractor has the option to do a variety of work as 5/6” combo machines can be easily changed over from 5” to 6” or vice versa, often times in the field. The New Tech Machine MACH II 5/6” combo configuration gutter machine tooling changeover can be completed by one person, minimal tools and often done in 15 minutes or less. New Tech Machinery also offers a quick YouTube video showing how easy it is to complete a tooling changeover.


New Tech Machinery is always available to answer any questions regarding gutter or roof panel machines and how they can help your business. Reach us at 1-800-574-1717 or email us Info@NewTechMachinery.com.



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