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Swenson Shear Eave Master

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Swenson Shear Eave Master


"What makes the Eave Master an exceptional choice for contractors?"


  • Notch and hem your panels in seconds with our all-in-one eave preparation system
  • Lightweight machine can be manually lifted by two people
  • Inch ruler on notchers allows for an easy-to-measure hem-line
  • Quick change notching station for right and left panel runs

Swenson Shear Eave Master Machine


The Eave Master features an adjustable table to accommodate panel widths between 12”-24”. It is lightweight — a mere 125 pounds. Metal roof installers can easily transport the Eave Master in a pickup truck bed when traveling from one job site to another.


Watch Video: https://youtu.be/_N_yjInU1CI

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