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MACH II Gutter Machine

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MACH II Gutter Machines

5”, 6” & 5”/6” Gutter Machines
The Original Polyurethane Drive System


The award-winning MACH II has taken the seamless gutter industry to a whole new level. The only way to compete in the gutter forming business is to own the MACH II. It's the most copied machine in the industry, so don’t get stuck with an imitation! Offered with the industry's best warranty.

New Tech Machinery MACH II Gutter Machines

  • Polyurethane Drive Rollers
  • Two 360° Rotatable Reel Stands for Easy Coil Loading
  • Stainless Steel Forming Rollers
  • Electric Motor 3/4 HP, 110 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 Ph, 11 AMPs
  • Push Button RUN/JOG Controls at Entry & Exit Ends
  • Welded Tubular Steel Frame
  • Forward Pulling, Easy Cut Shear for Accuracy
  • Industry’s Best Warranty
  • Power Interruption Safety Circuit
  • Easy Lift Reels
5” Gutter Machine
  • Length: 8’ (2.4m)
  • Width: 2’ (.6m)
  • Height: 3’ 10” (1.2m)
  • Weight: 1,000 lbs. (454kg)


6” Gutter Machine
  • Length: 10’ (3.0m)
  • Width: 2’ (.6m) Plus Shear Handle
  • Height: 3’ 10” (1.2m)
  • Weight: 1,250 lbs. (570kg)


5"/6” Gutter Machine
  • Length: 10’ (3.0m)
  • Width: 2’ (.6m) Plus Shear Handle
  • Height: 3’ 10” (1.2m)
  • Weight: 1,350 lbs. (610kg)


  • 50 ft./min (15m/min) Approx.


Materials Formed
  • Painted Steel: 30 ga. to 24 ga. (.3mm to .6mm) (coated galvanized, aluminized)
  • Painted Aluminum: .019” to .032” (.5mm to .8mm)
  • Copper: 16 oz. to 20 oz. 3/4 Hard (.5mm to .7mm)


  • Manually Powered
  • Hardened Tool Steel Blades & Shear Dies


Material Width
  • 5” Machine: 11-3/4” to 12-3/8” (300mm to 315mm)
  • 6” Machine: 15” (380mm)


  • Electrically Driven Polyurethane Rollers
EZ-Counter Computerized Length Controller

EZ-Counter Computerized Length Controller

EZ-Counter Computerized Length Controller for MACH II gutter machines. Complete with material tracking. Can be retro-fitted. Program up to 50 lengths, tracks material, offers miter options on all gutter machines, operate in feet and inches, inches only or centimeters. Operates as an Easy-touch screen.

TRN – Turnstile Reel Stand

TRN – Turnstile Reel Stand

Machine mounted stand for holding reeled coils of material. Rotates 360 degrees for ease of loading. Machine capacity is 3 total.

RL16 or RL20
Adjustable width reels for 11-3/4” through 15” wide coil for 5” or 6” gutters.
ROS1 – Run Out Stand

ROS1 – Run Out Stand

Supports gutter as it runs out of machine. Tripod style stands with 1 adjustable leg for leveling and conveyor roller to support gutter. One stand recommended for every 20’ of gutter. Adjustable in height from 31 ½” to 45”.

ROS – 3

Set of 3 run-out stands

RAC – Transfer Rack

RAC – Transfer Rack

Used to transfer loaded coils from one turnstile reel stand to the other. (1 set / machine needed)

SH5 – Geared Shear

SH5 – Geared Shear

Mechanically advantaged forward pulling shear for cutting 5” & 6” gutter to length.

CR5-5/6 – Coil Cradle

CR5-5/6 – Coil Cradle

Used to hold full or partial coils for 5” and 6” gutter. Can be machine or floor mounted. Capacity 700lbs.

BF 1-5 thru BF15-6 – Back Flange 1” and 1-1/2”

BF 1-5 thru BF15-6 – Back Flange 1” and 1-1/2”

Forms 1” or 1 ½” flange on back of 5” or 6”gutter eliminating the need for flashing. Used with 5” or 6” machine only.

BB5 & BB6 – Bottom Bead Assembly

BB5 & BB6 – Bottom Bead Assembly

Adds unique design to bottom of gutter.

Riser Pads

Riser Pads

Riser pads to raise Mach II machines off of decking – available in 2 configurations: 6”-8” Riser Pads or 10”-12” Riser Pads.

CVR – Machine Cover

CVR – Machine Cover

K-Tex synthetic canvas material, form fitted to body of machine.

HK5 – Alcoa Hook

Forms a 5/16” hook on the back of the gutter for use with free float hanger system. Also accommodates standard hangers or spike and ferrule.

BF 5SH thru BF15-6H – Back Flange Shear

Mechanically advantaged forward pulling shear for cutting 5” and 6” back flange gutter to length.

12V – 12 Volt Electrical System

DC Motor and control to allow operation of machine with 12 volt battery. (Battery not included).

ELEC1 3/4 Hp, 110VAC, 60Hz, 1Ph, 11Amps

ELEC2 3/4 Hp, 110VAC, 50Hz, 1Ph, 11Amps

ELEC3 3/4 Hp, 230VAC, 50Hz, 1Ph, 5Amps

ELEC1 1 Hp, 12VDC, 80Amps

GFI – Ground Fault Interruption Plug
Unique Gutter Embossing Unit
  • All patterns available in 5” and 6” configurations. Works on combination machines too.
  • Custom patterns available, so just ask!
  • GutterArtTM comes as an easily attachable box that mounts to shear assembly.

New Tech Machinery GutterArt Designs


  • Three years parts (including electrical) / Three years labor
  • Limited lifetime separation on drive rollers
  • Limited lifetime on stainless steel forming rollers


GutterArtTM Warranty:
  • One year parts / One year labor


  • U.S. PATENT NO. 5,394,722
  • U.S. PATENT NO. 5,740,687


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