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What is the SSQ275?


The SSQ275 is a 2″ tall panel that combines technology from the 2″ Mechanical Profile and the 1.75″ Snap-Lock. Launched at METALCON 2014, New Tech Machinery announced this proprietary panel system that can be snap-locked or seamed. We’ve partnered with our long-time trusted distributor, Texas-based Karr’s Building Supply (KBS), in this new venture. This panel program includes testing and an Installation and Detail Manual.



  • Proprietary panel system
  • Can be snap-locked or mechanically seamed
  • Fits in new & existing SSQ and SSQ II Roof Panel Machines
  • Added seam strength due to snap-lock design
  • 2″ tall finished panel
  • Ease of installation
  • Only available through NTM or KBS
  • ASTM, UL, and FM testing included with panel program




The SSQ275 NewLock Panel profile fits into existing and new SSQ and SSQ II roof panel machines. The New Tech Machinery SSQ II is our best-selling, most versatile portable roof panel machine. User-friendly profile changeovers can be completed in 45 minutes or less with one wrench and no tape measuring required. The SSQ II roof panel machine is capable of running 15 different profiles.





When seamed in a single-lock configuration, this unique interlocking panel profile system is as strong, or stronger, than many of the double-lock systems in the industry.






The SSQ275 NewLock Panel is easily installed on the jobsite.

  • ASTM E-1592: 1 Foot and 5 Foot Open Framing
  • UL 580 / 1897 Testing: Unseamed Over Plywood, Seamed Over Plywood, and Seamed over ISO and Metal Decking
  • ASTM E-1680: Air Leakage Test
  • ASTM E-1646: Water Penetration Test
  • ASTM E-2140: Static Water Pressure Test
  • FM 4471: Foot Traffic Test
  • Installation Manual: Compilation of installation methods, details, and trim conditions


Profile Disclaimer:

New Tech Machinery provides no warranty (finish, substrate or weather tight) in relation to the metal roofing systems the machines form. Should a warranty be required, users should consult with metal roof manufacturer or coil supplier prior to contracting on work. It is the sole responsibility of the installer and/or metal panel manufacturer to ensure that the roof system meets all engineering and local building codes.


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