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SSQ275 NewLock Panel Profile

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The SSQ275 NewLock Panel Program

Proprietary Panel System That Can Be Snap-Locked OR Seamed!

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What is the SSQ275?


The SSQ275 is a 2″ tall panel that combines technology from the 2″ Mechanical Profile and the 1.75″ Snap-Lock. Launched at METALCON 2014, New Tech Machinery announced this proprietary panel system that can be snap-locked or seamed. We’ve partnered with our long-time trusted distributor, Texas-based Karr’s Building Supply (KBS), in this new venture. This panel program includes testing and licensing, which can be passed on to end-users, and an Installation and Detail Manual.



SSQ275 Profile Details:


  • Proprietary panel system
  • Can be snap-locked or mechanically seamed
  • Fits in new & existing SSQ Roof Panel Machines
  • Added seam strength due to snap-lock design
  • Licensing agreement valid for three years
  • 2″ tall finished panel
  • Ease of installation
  • Only available through NTM or KBS
  • ASTM, UL, & FM testing included with panel program

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